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        February 14, a date on the calendar you either look forward to or dread...

        Ahhh to be in love! The birds are singing, the butterflies are in your stomach and there’s not a trouble in sight.

        But let’s be honest, sometimes (OK lots of times) that love stuff doesn’t go to plan and it’s not all roses, chocolates and Hallmark cards. So keeping this in mind, Cool Accidents have got everyone covered this Valentine’s Day no matter what your Facebook relationship status tells us.

        With the help of Everyone’s Mixtape we’ve put together this website where you can create a customized playlist to send to that special/terrible someone in your life. It’s pretty simple, just log in, give your tape a name, choose your music from Youtube, Soundcloud or Vimeo and send it to that person you love to love or love to hate.

        Now… If only love was that easy.
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